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We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you. Thank you for your time


How to book a photo session? 

            You can make a reservation on our website (link in the profile header), write in

Direct messages or send a message in What’s app by phone numbe 


+90 553  691  3557


Can I get all original photos from the photo session?

             Yes, we can send you all the photos in their original ideal quality immediately after

the photo session.

You need to have enough space on your iPhone or Android device.


Where do you take photo sessions? 

We conduct photo sessions in the most beautiful and popular places in Istanbul.

 And also, we can shoot in any photo studio you like

(The cost of renting a photo studio is paid separately).


If I choose several locations that are far from each other, is the time spent on the way counted as the time of the photo session?

Time spent on the road counts as shooting time.


Do you do commercial / modeling or wedding photography?

Yes, we do and we are have different price for it.

We can discuss all the details in private messages.

And remember that we are ready to answer all your questions at any time 🤍📸 


What is a difference?

The difference between color correction and retouching: 

Our photo sessions include photographs in color processing and professional retouching.  

Color processing includes changing the color of a photo, visual perception of color and contrast. Photos with this processing acquire a uniform style. 

Professional retouching includes a detailed correction of the skin and background, cleaning up imperfections in the picture, as well as body shaping. 

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Very often you ask us:

- "Is the Galata Tower just one location?"
- "How different will the photos be on Sultanahmet?”
- "One location in hour is not enough!",

and therefore we have prepared an ideal solution for you - we have drawn up routes for each location where we conduct photo shootings.

Upon booking, each of you will receive a PDF file with descriptions of places, sample photos and recommendations for choosing an suitable look for shooting.

We do our best to make your photo session comfortable 🤍


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