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Galata Tower

Updated: May 14, 2022

Today we evaluated the Galata Tower in Istanbul for you.

Famous Staircase
From the famous staircase

The Galata Tower or with the current official name Galata Kulesi Museum is a tower in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey. Its namesake is the quarter where it's located, Galata. Built as a watchtower as a part of the Walls of Galata, the tower is currently being used as an exhibition place and a museum. Built in 1335, You can catch unique photos on the street looking towards Galata Tower from Büyük Hendek Street. It is possible to record a pleasant moment on the famous stairs, which are a few minutes away from the Galata tower. You can shoot at the cafes on the same street and sip your coffee. It is a good idea to go here early. We will be pleased to present this experience for you :)

We briefly explained the Galata tower and its surroundings for you.

See you in the next shooting locations article :)


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